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Computational Tools & Services

HyPerComp's technology expertise covers the entire range of computational simulation. The following is a list of computational tools HyPerComp has at it's disposal to carry-out a wide variety of projects. All of the tools were developed by HyPerComp and each one aids in the delivering of results to our clients.


  • CAD Geometry Modeling / Repair
    • gaps and overlapping patches
    • trim surfaces
  • Surface / Volume Gridding
    • robust IGES reader
    • template-based structured / unstructured grids
    • hybrid gridding (tets, prisms, pyramids, hex, etc.)
    • solution adaptive grids (linked to solvers)
      • multi resolution, dynamic adaptive meshes
  • GUI Tools
    • Open GL, GTK, Tcl / Tk, X/Motif
    • portable on SGI, SUN and Linux-based PCs
    • porting to Windows in progress
  • Parallel Run Environment
    • PC and workstation clusters
    • C,C++ and Fortran
    • domain decomposition
    • load balancing
    • scalable code architectures


  • High order algorithms and physics-based modeling in:
    • computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
    • computational electromagnetics (CEM)
    • magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)
    • free surface modeling
    • fluid-structure interaction
    • unsteady and transient effects
    • multidisciplinary coupling and optimization

Post Processing

  • solution / grid visualization, animation

Knowledge-Based Computing

  • expert system shells

Large-scale Simulations

  • incompressible-to-hypersonic Mach number
  • radar cross section (RCS), antenna radiation
  • heat transfer management in nuclear fusion systems
  • high speed flow control using MHD

User Training and Online Documentation


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