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Computational Electro - Magnetics (CEM)


Under funding from the Air force and DARPA, HyPerComp has developed a time-domain CEM code, TEMPUS (Time-Domain EM Parallel Unstructured Simulator), which is fast maturing to become an industrial grade code that is capable of producing broadband electromagnetics simulations of complex targets of critical importance to DoD's war fighting mission.   Some of the salient features of TEMPUS are 1) high order accurate discretization procedures based on a discontinuous Galerkin (DG) approach with controllable error, 2) hybrid unstructured gridding for representation of complex geometrical features, and 3) high performance parallel processing using PC-clusters.

CEM Challenges Addressed By TEMPUS:

  • CAD geometry repair and surface preparation
  • Efficient, robust, high-quality surface and volume grid generation for complete targets
  • Modeling of general material response
    • dispersive, impedance, resistive, anisotropic, chiral, nonlinear
  • Minimize numerical wave distortion over long distance propagation
  • Accurate implementation of physical boundary conditions
    • PEC, absorbing outer boundary and material interface
  • Special regions
    • thin wire, cracks and gaps, sharp edges
  • Cost effective, scalable high performance parallel hardware

Key Applications of TEMPUS:

  • Broadband radar scattering
  • Automatic target recognition (ATR)
    • SAR imagery, RCS centers  and range profiles
  • Terrain modeling
    • modeling of TUT (foliage penetration), buried targets and EM obscurants
    • ground/pylon/target interference in measurements (back ground determination)
  • Antenna radiation modeling and coupling with structures
  • Multidisciplinary design/optimization
    • target shape and material design
    • coupling of fluids, structures, propulsion, electromagnetics,...


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